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A range of Tournament structures to meet all budgets.

All results posted on the "Hendon Mob"

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1st Sunday of each Month.

$275 Freezeout.

11AM Start.  Late Rego till 2.00PM

75,000 Start Stack.  30 minute Blinds.


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$275 Structure

All other Sundays.

$130 with (1) Re-Buy.

11AM Start.  Late Rego till 1.30PM

60,000 Start Stack  20 minute Blinds.


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$130 Structure

Every Thursday night.

$75 Freeze-out.

6PM Start.

Late Rego till 8.30PM


No Re-Buys.

No Add-Ons.

50,000 Start Stack.

15 minute Blinds.

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$75 Structure

Every Friday night.

$220 with (1) Re-Buy.

6PM Start.

Late Rego till 8:30PM

Re-Buys till 8.00PM

$110 Add-On (30k) at 8:00PM

50,000 Start Stack.

20 minute Blinds.


Check the
$220 Structure

Satellites when available.

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Learn The Fundamentals

JDub Poker offers individual and small classes.

Live, face to face, at the poker table classes - Learn to Play, Advanced Beginner and Masterclasses.

Coaching is available for intermediate to advanced players as well as boot camps to gain an edge on the upcoming big series tournaments.

Contact Janet

Our Affiliate Club - Cyprus Poker.

Brisbane’s go-to weekly poker tournament.

Conveniently located at the Normanby Hotel.
1 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill.

The only weekly tournament with Dealers & a Prize Pool that regularly exceeds $20,000 with $5,000 or more to the Winner.

Every Tuesday night 6PM

For all enquires, contact Charles on 0408-089-371.


Frequently Asked Questions

History of Brisbane Poker United

Brisbane Poker United was formed in 2015 to provide good quality, well structured events.

  • 2016
    The first Tournament event was held at the Bulldogs Football Club rooms in Capalaba.
    Later that same year it was decided to run a Last Man Standing competition, that involved 5 other local Poker clubs, spread over 21 different venues.
    To enable all the points for the Last Man Standing competition to be grouped, an in-house database was built.

  • 2017
    January, the Last Man Standing competition got underway.
    Players were awarded points for attending and finishing in the top 4.
    In April we moved to Bulimba Bowls Club.
    A Grand Final for the Last Man Standing was held in both June and December.

  • 2018
    In March our events were moved to the QA Hotel.
    We introduced Dealers to our Sunday Deepstack Tournaments in June.

  • 2019
    The club designed a new logo and purchased new Tables to replace any damaged or worn tables.
    New Poker Chips were purchased with the new logo.

  • 2020
    COVID-19 rules, restricted us to only 50% of our games during the year.

  • 2021
    In February we contacted the "Hendon Mob" and asked if they would be interested in having our results added to their database.
    Once we were approved, all results dating back to the end of 2016 were seperately copied from our database onto their template and forwarded to the Hendon Mob.
    Current results are sent every week or two to keep it up to date.

    We were offered an additional venue, so in March we utilised the "Fern room" to trial additional Tournaments and Satellite events at the Australian Poker School.
What is the COVID strategy?

COVID-19 Rules & Restrictions.

*** AS FROM THE 17th DECEMBER 2021 ***

A business operator must collect contact information, proof of vaccination or evidence of medical contraindication from all staff, guests and patrons when entering an establishment by using the Check In Qld App.

Both proof of vaccination and evidence of medical contraindication can be either printed or electronic. It includes:
• a written confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination given to the person, such as a record of vaccine card.
• vaccination information displayed on the Check in Qld app.
• a COVID-19 digital certificate or printed vaccination certificate from the Australian Immunisation Register.
• an online or printed immunisation history statement for COVID-19, including confirmation of a medical contraindication.
• an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

If you cannot produce proof, or choose not to show proof that you have been double vaccinated, then we ask that you not Buy-In to the Tournament.

Aggressive and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

We have been directed to contact the Queensland Police Service if any staff or our business is threatened.

Please be courteous to Committee members and the TD.

Brisbane Poker United is committed to following all orders put in place by the Qld Government to combat and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We also strictly adhere to any additional venue rules that are in place.

Our Duty of Care includes making sure that our Members can attend and play in a safe envoirenment.

  • Density Restrictions
    All Density Restrictions will be maintained at all times.
    If required we will reduce our numbers by running 6 handed structured tournaments.

  • Masks
    When mandated by the Qld Government, masks must be worn covering both the mouth and nose.
    Masks must be worn at ALL TIMES except for when you are ACTIVELY drinking at the table.

    If you do not have a mask, we will supply you with one, Free of Charge.

    • Contrary to popular belief, holding a coffee or having a beer sitting in front of you does not protect you from getting or giving COVID-19.

    • It is difficult to maintain the 1.5 metre social distancing rule at a poker table at the best of times, so adding excuses like, "I have a drink in front of me" do not go down well with players who are doing the right thing by both you and your families.

    • The difference between the rules that allow people to not wear masks whilst drinking in general are formulated because you are not drinking or touching the same cup/glass (or using the same cutlery, in relation to eating) whereas, ALL poker players touch the same cards and the same chips.
      This is why we are strict in our interpretation of this rule.

    • If you have an exemption to not wear a mask, we kindly ask you to carry this with you or have a photo of it on your phone. If you cannot produce this or choose not to produce it we request that you do not register for our Tournaments.
Where exactly are you located?
  • Thursday and Sunday Tournaments are held at the QA Hotel, cnr of James and Arthur Streets New Farm.
  • Friday Tournaments and Monday Satellites are held at Australian Poker School, 7 Ross Street Newstead.
How much are the Buy-Ins?
  • Sunday - Buy-In $130 to $275.
  • Thursday - Buy-In $75.
  • Friday - Buy-In $220.
  • Special Events - Depends on the event.
  • Satellites - Depends on the event.
What is the difference between a Re-Buy Event and a Re-Entry Event?

The important differences between a Re-Buy and a Re-Entry.

The terms Re-Buy and Re-Entry are often used interchangeably to refer to how a player can continue to take part in a poker game after losing all their chips.
In both cases the player pays a fee, receives another stack of chips, and continues playing.

However, these terms refer to two quite different ways in which a player is able to buy back into a game.
These differences usually don’t matter for single-table games, but they are important for multi-table tournaments.


A Re-Buy is where a player, who has just lost all their chips, is immediately given the option to buy another stack of chips and continue playing at the same table without leaving their seat.

(If a Player needs to obtain funds, his chips are placed on the table immediately, so that the order of play, including the movement of the dealer button and especially the posting of the small and big blinds, is not affected.)

For the purposes of tracking the state of the game, a player who Re-Buys does not count as either a knockout or a new player entry.
They’re counted only as an additional Re-Buy.


A Re-Entry is where a player, who has just lost all their chips, leaves the table they were playing at and pays to enter the tournament again as if they were joining the tournament as a new player.

(This also allows a Player the option to go away and come back and Re-Enter prior to the end of Late Registration)

They receive a full starting stack of chips and are randomly allocated another seat.
Because in this case the knocked-out player leaves their seat, the order of play and possibly the amount of blinds posted at the table they left could be affected if the position of the newly-vacant seat receives the dealer button or would have been required to post a blind on the next hand dealt.
For the purposes of tracking the state of the game, a player who Re-Enters firstly counts as a knockout and then, after buying back in, counts as a new player entry.

Re-Buys and Re-Entries During a Game

From the TD's point of view, there are a few differences to consider concerning money, chips, and keeping a tally of player entries and rebuys.
Depending on the structure of your game, differentiating between Re-Buy and Re-Entries could be essential to accurately tracking the current state of the game, such as the current number of players and the total prize pool.

From a player’s point of view, the difference is simply whether they can continue playing in the same seat (a Re-Buy) or have to move to another table (a Re-Entry).

Can anyone Play?

We welcome established and new players.

Even if you have never played Texas Hold-Em, our group of Players will assist in getting you up to speed with:
How to Play.
The lingo.
Table etiquitte.

Are there any Meal Breaks?
  • Sunday - Lunch break is from 1:00PM until 1:30PM and Dinner break is from 7:00PM until 7:30PM.
  • Thursday night - Dinner break is from 8:00PM until 8:30PM.
  • Friday night - Dinner break is from 8:00PM until 8:30PM.
  • Monday night Satellites - No Dinner break.
What rules do you use to control your Tournaments?

Brisbane Poker United use the International Rules of Poker.

Click the link below:

International Rules of Poker
Are there any local rules that are different?

    Brisbane Poker United have adopted the following changes to the International rules of Poker:

    1. Acting Out of Turn. This includes Betting, Calling, Raising or Folding.
    (Folding Out of Turn includes leaving the table after your cards have been dealt, but before it is your turn).


  • 1st offence - Verbal Warning.
  • 2nd offence - One Full Orbit penalty - based on the number of Players at the Table. (away from the table)
  • 3rd offence - Two Full Orbits penalty - based on the number of Players at the Table. (away from the table)
  • 4th offence - Exclusion from the Tournament.

    We strictly enforce the following rules:

  • No Rabbit-Hunting.
  • No showing cards to other Players or Spectators either prior to, or after you have Folded.
  • No going through the Muck Pile.
  • No Running out the Hand - to see if you "would have won".

    2. Big Blind Ante. Rule 39.4.5
    (Big Blind is posted befor the Ante).

    Should a Player on the Big Blind & Ante position be all-in for just the value of an Big Blind or less, should they win,
    they will win their bet amount multiplied by the number of players who called that bet plus the Ante.

What are your Payout Structures?
Payouts are generally 10% of the number of Players rounded up or down, plus 1.

As an example:

If there are 52 Players - 10% of 52 = rounded down to 5 plus 1, so Top 6 get paid.
If there are 56 Players - 10% of 56 = rounded up to 6 plus 1, so Top 7 get paid.

** Players Paid and Payout amounts are at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director. **
How is the points structure worked out?

Players must play a minimum of 9 games from any night/day game combination to qualify for the either the Mid Year Grand Final to be held on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June or the End of Year Grand Final to be held on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November.

Points accrued up to Thursday the 9th June can only be used for the Mid Year Grand Final and are not valid for use for the End of Year Grand Final.

Points awarded are based on the number of Players who entered the Tournament multiplied by the Tournament Buy-In divided by 4.

To calculate how many chips each Player will be awarded:

Enter the Buy-In Amount less the Rewards cost.  

Enter number of Players - (Buy-Ins Only)    

Points for a Buy-In.
Points for a Re-Buy/Re-Entry (when applicable)
Points for an Add-On (when applicable)

In addition, extra points are awarded to the 9 Players who make it to Final Table as follows:

1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
4th Place:
5th Place:
6th Place:
7th Place:
8th Place:
9th Place:

All points accrued will be used as your Starting Stack for either Grand Final, rounded up to the nearest 100.

Players will be able to do an Add-On prior to playing their 1st hand of either Grand Final at a cost of $300 for an additional 50,000 chips.

All chips of Players who have qualified, will be tabled for 2 hours and if a Player has not attended by this point in time, those chips will be removed from play.

The following amounts will be deducted from each Event to contribute to the Prizepool.
Thursday night $65 Freezeout    $5 from each Buy-In
Friday night $220 Survivor        $20 from each Buy-In & Re-Buy and $10 from each Add-On.
Sunday arvo $120 1 Re-Buy      $10 from each Buy-In & Re-Buy.
Sunday arvo $275 Deepstack    $25 from each Buy-In.

New Years Series Tournaments or Tuesday Special Tournaments do not qualify for points.

Satellite Tournaments do not qualify for points.

A Trophy will be awarded to the Winner of both Grand Finals.

Brisbane Poker United reserve the right to amend any conditions.

Subject to State Government Health Regulations that are applicable.

What method do you use to remove Chips from play?

When small denomination chips are no longer useful in a Tournament, we remove them from play by using the "Chip Up" method.
This involves exchanging any smaller denomination chips to the next larger denomination, and any left-over smaller denomination chips are then exchanged for one larger denomination Chip.

This method is used to help speed up the game, by not having to perform a "race-off", as well as eliminating the luck factor of a "race-off".
Additional chips values created by this rounding up, increase the Total Chip count by less than .05% on average.

Once Final Table is reached, any left over smaller denomination Chips are not exchanged.
Any other Questions?

Feel free to contact us by clicking the Contact Us button below, and we will endeavour to answer any questions.

Our Team

Meet the people who work behind the scenes to ensure an excellent Poker experience.

Keys Fitzgerald

- Tournament Director -

Ian Church

- President -

Chris Costanzo

- Treasurer -

Janet Wyvill

- Secretary -

Milton Trickey

- Marketing -

Brian Goddard

- Committee -

Contact Info

QA Hotel: Cnr James & Arthur St New Farm

Australian Poker School: 7 Ross Street Newstead

Phone: - (Keys Fitzgerald) - 0416-974-216



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APT Satellites.

Grand Final #4 was a great success at Eatons Hill September 2021.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Special Congrats to Sam Adams for his remarkable run in the series.

Sydney's Event in November has been cancelled.

The next series will be back at Eatons Hill - 17 to 23 Jan 2022.


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